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This floor is made from the Balao. You will find a wide variety of wood for your floors such as: Balao (from Rs 100/m) Kempass Iroko Kiaat Noyer d’amérique Teak Wengé Cumaru Ipé brézilien et africain Li Tung Sang sells many types of wood and wood based panels such as plywood, MDF, Melamine and more. Their high quality products are intended to manufacturers of woodworking outdoor and indoor. Li Tung Sang also offers cutting and sawing, a fast delivery and a warm welcome. With storage capacity, the yard always a large stock of a variety of products. The objective of the company is to promote wood as a building material, while being renewable and environmentally friendly. The products are available across the island in hardware stores and supermarkets distribution.

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Shipping from : Mauritius

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