Solar water heater Kairos Thermo DR ARISTON

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Natural circulation direct solar system for the production of domestic hot water
Made in Italy

• Kairos Thermo DR has the advantage of a quick installation , thanks to the very simple hydraulic connections;
• No heat stress thanks to the omega connection of the internal structure;
• Highly transparent prismatic surface that ensures the reflective rays reduction;
• High reliabilty, corrosion proof and very long lyfe cycle guaranteed by using only the best materials: steel tank with exclusive titanium-based enamelling, oversized magnesium anode, copper hydraulic circuit

200/1 TR:
Collectors gross surface (m2): 2,00
Collectors aperture surface (m2): 1,85
Empty mass (ground installation) (kg): 129
Domestic hot water storage tank capacity (l): 197
DHW circuit max. pressure (bar): 8

300/1 TR:
Collectors gross surface (m2): 4,00
Collectors aperture surface (m2): 3,70
Empty mass (ground installation) (kg): 190
Domestic hot water storage tank capacity (l): 270
DHW circuit max. pressure (bar): 8



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Shipping from : Mauritius

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