Solar film for windows and doors

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The solar film for window and door heat will convince you of its use for the protection of heat, anti uv film and the reduction of solar glare. Recent houses, bright and brightly lit by the sun, equipped with double glazing, often require the installation of heat-resistant solar film on glass, also used as UV light filter, anti-infrared protection and thermal film for your windows, Bay window or your veranda.
The glass becomes the support of sun protection thanks to the films solar adhesives anti uv and anti heat. Improve your living conditions and your energy consumption by using less air conditioning in the summer and less heating in the winter!

Reduce your cooling costs
Reduce your electricity bills by 30%
Protect your family from UV rays
Protect your furniture and fabrics
Reduce glare
Scarcely visible and scratch-resistant
Preserves natural light
Blocks 99% of UV rays
10 years warranty

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Shipping from : Mauritius

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