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The anti-termite bait system of the insecticide is an insect growth controller which prevents the chitin synthesis, main component of the exterior envelopment of the insects. Thus, when the termite moults, the new cuticle does not grow. Without this protection skin, that also grows on the bones, the insect cannot live. Acting on only certain levels of the development, the product acts with a differed effect which leaves time for it to be widely spread among the colonies. The bait system is not dangerous for humans and domestic animals and other invertebrates.

The insecticide in the cellulosic formulation, is delivered only through hermetically closed workstations. It is thus, never in contact with the habitation, the residents, the domestic animals…

With the baiting system, the implementation of the insecticide is very focussed. It is done only through workstations attacked by termites. Thus, only the necessary amount of the product will be used and applied in its progressive consumption.

The insecticide is a molecule practically insoluble in water. In case of an excess of water in the bait, the insecticide will not leach in the ground.

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