Aleppo Premium Coffee Soap

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With this soap, rich in coffee, enjoy its sweetness and its virtues. Made for the face and the body.

Use :
Aleppo soap with caffeine is preferably used with the Sisal ball, which provides an effective massage to mobilize the retention pockets and activate the local microcirculation, thus associating the mechanical action with the biological action of caffeine. .
Every day, preferably in the shower, generously coat the sisal ball with caffeine Aleppo soap, massage the buttocks and thighs. Then apply the soap directly and rub again. Leave on for at least a minute and rinse.

Treat yourself and your body with Aleppo Premium Coffee Soap

Weight: 125g
No coloring, perfume or preservatives.
The color and fragrance of this soap come exclusively from natural raw materials.


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Shipping from : Mauritius

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