Everyone talks about it, tries it, and adopts it: the tropical look is all the rage in the world of decoration! But how to adopt it? How to master its codes to keep it tasteful while accommodating your preferences? LaCase.mu breaks it down for you.

To master the tropical aesthetic, just choose a precise theme: beachy or jungle? From there, you can accessorize it with touches which remind the matching fauna or flora. In order to have a fresh take on how to tackle the themes, there are few pieces of advice to bear in mind.

The jungle look

Think of the Amazonian rainforest, Indian jungles, wet climates and lush vegetation. Are you there? This heavy atmosphere can be declined in several ways.  

  1. On wallpaper

To cover your walls, and make a bold statement in the room.

  1. On fabrics and textiles

In a more subtle dosage, but still with a reasonable impact.

The beachy look

If your fist reflex is sand and sea, check yourself: it might be a little cliché. Thinking a little harder, you may come up with more subtle allusion for a more cohesive decor: macramé to remind hammocks, ropes for a nautical theme, driftwood, and so much more.

  1. In the furniture

Driftwood for furniture with an antique look, with a used aspect evocative of a dry and sunny climate.

  1. By touches

With accessories which hint at the beachy lifestyle: anchors, shells and ropes will do the job just fine.


Proud flag bearers of any region, plants are key elements of the tropical decor trend, which you would be wrong to ignore. As much in fruits like pineapples- declined in various materials and on diverse supports- as in flowers.

  1. Fruits

Other than the king of fruits, why not try the coconut- for its various derivatives in the world of decoration?

  1. Flowers and decorative plants

Why not welcome the orchid, which is having a triumphant comeback, or even ferns, as a tribute to the humid climate of tropical jungles?


Exceptionally trendy by nature, animals from tropical regions are hot… And the more colourful, the merrier.

  1. Birds

Flamingos and other toucans or parrots will ornate your dinnerware, linens, and corners of your house.

  1. Mammals

Tigres, zebras, and other furry animals with unique patterns remain a timeless inspiration for prints on home textiles.

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