Durable, eco-friendly, affordable… everything under one roof! The Mauritian company Woodstock is the specialist in grade 4 treated pine. Based in Goodlands, the local company has been marketing this product for several years, for all indoor and outdoor use.

Frames, pergolas, furniture, terraces or decking structures, this FSC certified eco-friendly material (which means that all trees cut down are replanted), is the unrivalled wood solution.

An alternative to traditional wood

The use of grade 4 pine wood ranges from indoor to outdoor use.

Due to the increasing demand for wood in construction and the constant decrease in forest resources, the wood industry is forced to find alternative solutions to the traditional hardwood used in carpentry.

Thus, for more than 25 years now, pressure-treated pine has successfully been used throughout the world, including regions subject to similar or more severe climatic constraints than Mauritius.

A pine that adapts to the Mauritian climate

That’s why Woodstock has carefully selected the best possible quality wood and treatment for your future projects. Its Scots pine wood (Pinus sylvestris) is harvested from the cold forests of northern Europe. The extreme climatic conditions and slow growth result in a very dense and straight material.

It is receptive to a range of penetrating treatments. This means that pine can be chemically protected for its intended use, unlike hardwoods, which generally cannot be treated.

Also CTB-B+ certified, this guarantees the structure’s resistance to insects and wood rot fungi; and above all, it guarantees the implementation of a validated quality treatment and a controlled impregnation process.

Other products available, varnishes & insulating false ceilings

Woodstock also offers its RYSTIX ARMADEK range of varnishes. Made in South Africa, this water-based varnish is extremely durable. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

ISOBOARD is a well-known South African brand offering a false ceiling made of extruded polystyrene. Simple and effective, it will allow you to lower the temperature of several degrees.

Opt for Woodstock’s expertise now!

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