Decorating your home with wooden shelves is always a good idea. Whilst its styles vary, its purposes to guarantee aesthetics and practicality, wherever it is placed, is unaltered. From organising your books to enhancing your living room with plants, the shelf will brighten up your interior with flair.

Wood, a noble material

Ever fashionable, but also ecological, wood lends charm and elegance to any decor. Made of raw wood, the shelf can be painted or varnished to your liking or displayed as raw for a more contemporary style. Shelves made of solid wood have a wide range of designs, from the traditional to the most sophisticated. Your shelf can be tailored to suit your home’s look and feel.

A style making a statement

Making your shelf complement the rest of your room is key. As such, pick the appropriate style of shelving to match the room and its purpose.

Contemporary trends include floating, wall mounted and hexagonal shelves, yet there are numerous styles and options to explore.

The floating shelf: A classic feature suitable for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It provides an efficient storage solution without using up space.

The wall-mounted shelf: The perfect balance between a streamlined, breath-taking design and convenient storage space. Its modularity makes it flexible and a good fit.

The hexagonal shelf: Pretty and efficient… These contemporary shelves are very original and will enhance your living room. Use them to display your family photos, small plants or decorative objects, to enliven your room!

Bonus tip:

Setting up a wall shelf? Easy as pie! However, to do so, observe a basic rule. Always use a spirit level before drilling your wall. This guarantees a perfectly straight shelf.