Choosing wooden floors for your home renovation is a wise decision indeed! They are very popular in modern construction and enhance the appeal of any interior. Here are some tips on how to go for the right choice.

Solid wood flooring

In addition to the unique style it provides, solid wood flooring also gives you the opportunity to choose from many different types of wood. Fixing a solid wood floor is a long-term investment with the possibility of renovation because should it show signs of wear and tear or if you want to change its looks, you can simply sand it down to its natural shine.  You can then keep it in its natural state, change its colour, add a glossy finish, age it, etc. The only downside is its high cost.

Floating wood flooring…

For a more affordable floor, floating-wood flooring is an option to consider. The composition of its boards is different from that of a solid wood floor. The first layer of the plank – the backing – provides stability. The central part is made of wood derivatives. This type of wooden flooring guarantees good stability and can be renovated several times.

Wooden laminated flooring

This is an affordable aesthetic for those on a tight budget. Think of laminated flooring, where the board is covered with a protective coat that makes the floor wear-resistant. Underneath this film is the decor foil. This is the part of the floorboard that brings out the essence and patterns of the wood. Laminated floors are increasingly acquiring the same quality and appearance as some solid or floating-wood floors. With its clip-on strips, it is quick and easy to fix.