When minimalism banks on darker hues and and denser materials.  Throw in a few statement pieces, and your decor will currently speak “Hollywood Glam” for itself!

Warm up your interior while evoking luxury and voluptuousness: it is the goal of this new wave. The keys to success? Three criteria you need to master to be able to adopt this retro esthetic which brings back the golden age of cinema. Lacase.mu decrypted this trend for you!

# 1. The colour 

It creates warmth and gives some pizazz to any element. The darker palette of colours is out of the shadows, and takes the center stage this season. To  create an illusion of warmth, you should, nonetheless, rely on warm undertones, just on the darker end of the spectrum: dark greens, dark teals (this petroleum blue with hints of yellow), or burgundy and aubergine shades.

Of course, they can be used as you fancy: in subtle touches or in total looks, in the paint, on the furniture, or accessories. You only need to choose!

2. The materials 

We predicted it in our previous article, The 4 great trends you don’t want to miss, the textiles weigh in on the trendy scale! If you don’t want to neglect this major component, all you need is to follow your mood. Leather, velvet, furs, wools and other dense materials will add depth to your decor, while making it warm and welcoming.

Once again, you have several options : as furniture materials, or used sporadically in accessories like plads or carpets. The use and application are only limited by your imagination.

3. The statement piece

The element that will set the tone of the whole room, thanks to its style and what it evokes. If Old Hollywood is a whole era, it offers various possibilities. 

There’s the “rough”, studio look employing minimalism in an artistic yet functional way; the grandiose and chic esthetic which expresses a sense of excess and decadence, and finally, the purely retro look winking at the art deco current which is emblematic of this period. Just pick one!