The temperature is going down, but your urge for renewal is up in arms? Blame it on the winter which brings forth a wave of beautiful new ideas to adopt!

Even though we live on a tropical island, the climate keeps getting cooler since the past few weeks. But that’s no reason to let it get you down! Any decoration-loving soul will see in the climatic conditions a golden opportunity for a change of scenery.

  1. The Scandinavian cocoon

Indisputable champions of a welcoming yet pristine decor, the northern people have won the authority of wintery taste. They transcended Bauhaus’ s “less is more” slogan into a mantra of interior design.

Pale and cold colours are juxtaposed to raw materials, as well as avant-garde furniture with a sleek design and one motto: sophistication.

2. Colour to warm up the interior

We had announced the glorious millennial pink, celadon, and even the flashing comeback of the monochromatic decor. Why not give these tips a try?

These colder months are those which will essentially make your interiors crave for some warmth, and what better than some colour to do the job?

3. The hottest stuff of the moment

The retro style showed no mercy in its great comeback; not even on furniture fabrics, or other domestic textiles or linens.

If, in the living room, velvet is of the essence, natural fibres, for their part, creep their way back in the bedroom to constitute the hippest beddings.

4. Game changing accessories

As if these trends weren’t good enough food for thought, you can associate them to accessories which will help your decor stand out even more.

For quiet evenings with a baroque touch: Candelabra. XANADU.

For the camping-style, convivial mood: Citronella candle lantern. MR BRICOLAGE

For dressing up the room with a colourful retro touch: Agio rug. MOODESIGN.

For a fuzzy cocoon- it’s now or never!: Shelly Plad. ESPACE MAISON.

Because you can never get enough in winter: Plad. NATURE VERTE MAISON.