More than just a hobby, gardening is an excellent therapy for stress and monotony. When working in the garden, it’s important to avoid mistakes that can make your time in the garden unrewarding or even frustrating.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Valuable mulch

In an effort to achieve a perfect garden, we often resort to overhauling it to make it look flawless. This is a very serious mistake, particularly by novices. Your soil needs protection. The best way is to cover it with mulch. 

This technique largely prevents weeds from growing, preserves soil moisture and helps plants to grow and withstand any dry spells. Mulching decomposes and feeds the soil, enriching it with nutrients. So go for the rustic look rather than the eye-catching one.

Pasta water at the root

Many garden enthusiasts tend to use herbicides as an easy way to get rid of weeds. These products are harmful to the plants as well as to the person using it. It should therefore be avoided under any circumstances.

Instead, you can use the cooking water from your pasta. Yes. It is highly recommended for killing weeds with deep and strong roots. Just heat it up and pour it down.

The importance of planning

Do not fall into the trap of doing everything at once. It is important to plan your work well. By knowing when and how to prune, harvest, sow, turn, etc. ahead of time, you will be more productive. All you have to do is draw up a personal calendar.