A natural look with organic materials. La Pirogue’s spaces are organised with style. A decoration highlighted by artistic creativity. A cheerful and casual style displaying an ethnic universe, rich in colour.

We like what we saw at La Pirogue. This hotel, bearing a highly significant name, is organised like a fishing village …

… with thatched-roof bungalows reminiscent of canoes sailing in the turquoise waters of the West Coast. Steeped in the authentic charm of Mauritius, the establishment, which opened in 1976, is part of the island’s hotel’s history. Sailing high on its rich past, La Pirogue is now resolutely forward looking and ready to cruise on high seas.

The 248-room hotel stretches along a 1.5-kilometer golden beach. Being one with nature, La Pirogue is nestled in the heart of a coconut grove and is surrounded by lush gardens. The different shades of green are punctuated by touches of color created by countless tropical flowers. A Garden of Eden giving way to a heaven-like atmosphere.

La Pirogue has recently been revamped and underwent an elegant facelift to reveal a boho-chic style, left to the care of interior designer Virginie Koenig. An amazing mix and mismatch focusing on natural simplicity. The materials and colors interact harmoniously and establish themselves in the interiors. As an invitation to travel and letting go.

Everything is in the detail to reach this gypsy atmosphere. Rattan mirrors hanging on the wall, patterned cushions, carefully selected furniture … leading to a mixture of various traditions, all taking root in the Mauritian culture. The pleasant and relaxing atmosphere is the cocoon that has something for everyone: couples as well as families. The six restaurants and three bars of the hotel are an opportunity to discover the flavors from here and elsewhere, compiled in a typical Mauritian spirit, in fine tropical settings. There are many opportunities of living unforgettable moments at La Pirogue.

Here, the stone wall proudly displays a beautiful white hue that sheds light on the colorful pieces around. The hanging paintings reflect the mosaic of colors representative of the island’s diversity. The furniture, heterogeneous at first sight, blends into a harmonious whole, amid the forms and colours.

The rattan is back in force in the set-up, blending nicely charm and aesthetics. For a joyful and relaxing atmosphere, the set is brightened up by touches of color with the cushions and the stylish red metal side table. With its beautiful immaculate macramé, the wall reflects a bohemian-chic look.

The impressive wall has exposed stones that strongly recall their history. The green-gray color makes it even more charming. The furniture is warm. The materials are soft and the colors soothing. The mirrors festooned with rattan are exquisite, and this trendy decoration idea can easily be adopted at home.

A lobby designed with style and taste. Two huge string-art ornaments that inevitably attract the attention have been made by local craftsmen (Les 2 Zèbres), who have found their inspiration in boats and shells. As for the furniture, it combines different materials and textures in sober colors, and embellishes the lobby with both a modern and cozy look.

During the beautiful twilights of the western coast, in the Wolmar restaurant, opened for breakfast and dinner, light and shade unveil the rounded or rectilinear shapes of the furniture.

A restaurant designed in the patio style with its pergola allowing light to meddle through. Iron and wood make happy wedding decorations, and the blue predominance of the set-up mingles delightfully with the atmosphere here.

The Medine Bar is the perfect place for a cocktail sipping. Mosaics with different shades of blue blend nicely, in line with the turquoise tint of the nearby seashore. The cozy and modern furniture is an invitation to relax.

Glass jars are presented as works of art on a wall of the Wolmar restaurant, and in the evening, lights emphasize their reflection in the mirror, nicely increasing the space through an exceptional optical effect.

Macramé is a brilliant idea to bring new life to cold spaces in your home. Here, a giant macramé dresses up the huge column of the lobby. A work of art that warms up the atmosphere and brings an undeniable decorative touch. Imposing and aesthetic, this artistic work does not go unnoticed.

Wine lovers will not be disappointed. The Van Der Stel wine bar offers a selection of the 60 best wines from different parts of the world, served by the glass. An exceptional place with a light and refined woodwork for wine tasting, thanks to the wise advice of sommeliers, for unique food and wine pairings.

Who said that drinking was limited to a specific timeframe? The wine is served at any time of day and night at Van Der Stel. The clock carved in clear wood, suspended on the burgundy wall, is there as a reminder of that.

Le Morne is the beach restaurant that offers a breathtaking view on the lagoon. Wood, thatch and rattan furniture contribute to this tropical charm. The bright space combines elegance and comfort.

An open space, bathed in light, allowing a breathtaking view of the panorama. At the Magenta Grill, you can enjoy seafood and grilled fish with your feet nearly paddling in the water. The restaurant, which has several thatched pavilions, is surrounded by water. It offers an idyllic setting sublimated by coconut palms and frangipani.

A room that claims freedom. The roof is shaped like a canoe, inviting the mind to travel and relax. The colors are casual, elegant and lively. They contrast nicely with the white stone walls. The bamboo headboard, which stretches upto the ceiling, gives out the most beautiful effect. The carpet and the rattan armchair are a must of the bohemian-chic decor.

The decor is refined in details, thanks to local matters and know-how. Rattan furniture, macramé lampshades and colorful bedding make the decor warmer. The lengthwise bathroom is designed with white sanitary and a touch of polished concrete. Classy in the purest state!

The Garden Bungalow has a magnificent view of the lush garden. Designed in line with the Beach Pavilion set-up, the room comes in a bohemian decor for a guaranteed cocoon effect. The white stone contrasts with the light gray floor and accentuates the feeling of freedom. The matching shade macramé on the wall is the cherry on the cake of this amazing set-up.