Cold winds and winter days are coming… And all we want during this season is to stay warm and comfy at home! How can we create a warm atmosphere inside? Here are some cosy decor ideas to counter the cold…

Rugs are your friends

Keep your feet warm! A beautiful thick carpet will ornate the floor of your house, while insulating it from the cold. Sometimes fluffy, sometimes soft, it adapts perfectly to the decoration of your room.

Curl up in a comfortable armchair

When cold winds are gushing outside, there is nothing better than reading a book, with a small cup of tea in hand. Set up a cosy corner with an armchair, along with a plaid and a cushion inviting you to well-deserved moments of relaxation!

Many many soft cushions

Why not mix pleasure and elegance with velvet covers for your cushions? Whichever colours you choose, arranged on the sofa or on your bed, they offer a neat style to the living space.

Warm your heart with some colours

In winter, the ideal decor should combine natural materials and soft colors. Prefer wood, a naturally warm material, and opt for pastel or neutral tones for your walls, paintings and decorative objects.

A cocooning atmosphere with scented candles

It instantly settles the mood, during both summer and wintertime. For the cold season, the light of a candle warms not only a room, but also the atmosphere around. While it can emanate various scents, depending on your mood, the candle can also serve as a decoration even when it is not lit!