As tradition requires it, Cupid flies over on the 4th February to spread endearment and sweet nothings. For lovers, Valentine’s Day is a big break to conquer their loved one with bouquets of roses and chocolate. As your partner in love, points here out some home inspirations to melt the heart of your better half.

Dare the fiery decor

Bringing out some jazzy colours is key to amaze your partner. With a few accessories in shades of red and pink, give a festive and joyful atmosphere to the various rooms of your home. Hearts hanging from dry branches, vases embellished with colourful decorative balls and hearts, or cushions with love notes will give your home a burst of passion.

A delight for the eyes and the heart

V-Day is your time to impress. Go big to grant your lover with a dream dinner, concocted by you from the decoration to the cooking. Opt for a harmonious and romantic table for your candlelit dinner… guaranteed success! Be innovative, use some golden tones for a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. A touch of pink can only enhance your mastery of the art de la table. What a delight!

Cosy night and sweet nothings

Skilfully displayed in your room, candles invite romance. Thanks to their soft glow, they will bring an intimate atmosphere. Your beloved will be seduced. Up to your means and preferences, play with patterns, fragrances and colours to add your own details. The final touch to light up stars in his or her eyes: a note on the pillow to declare your love.

Some tips