Urban Home is the place-to-be when looking forward to express your talents. And thanks to its wide range of products, you will no longer have to travel across the island seeking for a new light fixture for your kitchen or a side table for your bedroom.

It all becomes so simple with Urban Home which showcases your dreamed decor items for your home sweet home. Here are some updates from the one-stop shop which is ready to become one of your favourite venues!

World-famous brands

With Urban Home, your life will be made easier… This pioneer of interior design can fulfil the desires and whims of each and every client, even the most demanding ones, and will offer the best items on the market. With the latest trends as a source of inspiration, Urban Home proposes a vast array of famous brands such as Tvilum, Demeyere, Flow, Nordic and Finori. These design and furniture specialists are undoubtedly at the forefront of the sector to provide Scandinavian or European styles. A windfall for all decor lovers!

Thanks to its innovative concept, you will find original pieces of furniture, modern or timeless lightings, as well as household appliances and other kitchen utensils. Thus, Urban Home is the ideal partner for those who are dreaming about the right products for their new home or wishing to revamp some rooms of their house or apartment… to bring a more fashionable touch and a new ambiance.

Success is the key word

Launched in April 2019, the new service has already caught the attention of many fans on the island. The company has also delivered several big projects in Mauritius.

To fit its clients’ specific demands, Urban Home is offering a Rs 2,500-deco pack which comprises of: a site visit and site layout of new furniture items. These fees are reimbursable on purchases at Urban Home.

Delivery and assembling of furniture are carried out by a skilled team. And to top up the offer, online buyers on www.urbanhome.mu will get these services for free. So, it’s definitely time to discover Urban Home!

For more information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 4140098 / 4140099

Wbsite: www.urbanhome.mu