As a leader in the distribution of fit-out building materials on the Mauritian market, for both new construction and renovation works, Interior Solutions is the specialist you need for your Home Staging that matches your personality…

Supplier of the brand Orac Decor, the company offers trendy, practical and ecological solutions for an aesthetic finish and to add style to your interiors!

Fine touch of Orac Decor

Craving for beautiful quality designs, with ease-to-install and eco-responsible solutions for your decor? How about the polyurethane cornices or skirting boards of Orac Decor? The options are infinite.

Indeed, Orac Decor offers a variety of choices for its profiles – ranging from contemporary styles, rectilinear, patterned and classic, to “big to impress” and Victorian styles. While plaster-based cornices are heavy, brittle, difficult to install and become tarnished over time, Orac Decor’s products are light, with well-defined edges and easy to install. The joints of the Orac Decor finishes are seamless, and they subtly add a touch of finesse to the decor.

As for skirting boards, which are indispensable when designing your interior, to personalise them, the Belgian brand offers several sizes and styles: regardless of being straight or rustic, large or small, there is something to suit your needs. Furthermore, Orac Decor’s skirting boards can be installed on existing ones, without having to remove them and can even accomodate the installation of your electrical cables, which is very functional!

Interior Solutions expertise

More than a mere distributor, this solution provider offers interior solutions for everyone, respecting the standards, needs and performance of its products. Interior Solutions also provides advice, enhanced expertise, effective coaching, and a multitude of options for your finishes.

In addition to its renowned brands such as Orac Decor, the company also offers plasterboard and fiber-cement products; thermal and acoustic insulation, and associated products for false-ceilings and partitions.

For more information, visit one of the showrooms in Port-Louis or Rose-Hill, or contact Interior Solutions on the: (230) 206 0600 | (230) 5 250 0600.

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