Launched in 2008, Tutti Frutti has turned into a reference for decor enthusiasts around the island. In its 300 m2 showroom located in Black River, Tutti Frutti invites you to reinvent your interior, by modernising it or adding a hint of ethnic designs and making it a unique living space, perfect for your daydreams…

Exotic pieces with an edge

Well established in Mauritius for more than 10 years, Tutti Frutti sweepingly decorates your house from floor to ceiling. While the shop is the perfect place to find authentic kilims or beautiful pieces from Java or Bali (statues, carved panels of old houses, etc.), others shall make it their favourite gift shop. Braided baskets, mirrors, lamps and suspensions will delight your loved ones!


Trust the expertise of Tutti Frutti for your interior decoration… Institutions like the Tekoma Hotel in Rodrigues or the Kosy Garden restaurant in Black River already made the most of it, to the delight of their customers.

Opting for ready-made furniture, or ordering tailor-made ones, the choice is yours! This could be the motto of Tutti Frutti: having a workshop for the manufacture of customised furniture, the shop meets the most specific client demands. Regardless of whether your heart capsizes for furniture with contemporary designs, ethnic or art decors, Tutti Frutti can make all your dreams come true.

A passionate team

Having fulfilled major renovation projects in France and in the Mascarene archipelago, Tutti Frutti knows that success lies in an effective team. Further to the tailor-made service, you can ask for advice to a dedicated decorator and an interior design consultant to help you carry out your projects and beautifully optimise your living space.