Customisation… This is certainly one of the fundamental principles of Trust Construction with its tailor-made construction offer. Discover the advantages of trusting a customer-centric company which perfectly understands the Mauritian market, and has/shows interesting competitive rates!

Assisting the client from A to Z

Established in 2003 by Denis Durhone, Trust Enterprises boasts 16 years of experience in its three fields of activity: construction, renovation and landscaping. 

When it comes to construction, the Director General points out, 

Our expertise lies in assembling modern turnkey houses with all the required finishings. We shall offer you 33 years of know-how in the cutting-edge field of construction and are at your service to carry out your various projects”.

Thence, an effective team shall provide assistance and support, from making appointments to carrying out the project.

The process is as follows: 

  • Step 1: Make an appointment with the client to understand his needs such as the surface area of ​​the house (minimum 1,200 – 3,000 square feet) and the budget (following the prior purchase of land).
  • Step 2: A proposal for a quotation according to the client’s budget. Then, the architect develops and offers sketches according to the model chosen or proposed by the client.
  • Step 3: The client applies for a loan and, once approved, Trust Enterprises submits the contract to initiate the project.

The company ensures project completion within a timeframe of 3 and a half months.

In addition to the construction itself, the additional services (outside the construction budget) include the finishings of the kitchen, paintings, bathroom, flooring, electricity, openings, and landscaping. Furthermore, an after-sales customer service–including any repairs (such as electricity for example)–highlights the focus on nurturing a good customer relationship. This confirms that Trust Construction is a rigorous supplier and is committed to the fine-tuning of each project.  

Choose the house of your dreams and push the doors of Trust Construction!

For more information:

Address: 41, kingstone Avenue, Quatre-Bornes
Tel: 5985 1968