In line with its brand’s history, Topicrem emanates an unwavering desire to make everyone feel comfortable in his/her own skin! All you need to know is your skin type to choose the right product. Topicrem has placed its entire philosophy on self-confidence, which starts at any age, with healthy, beautiful and safely well-hydrated skin.

3 assorted Topicrem creams for three different skin types

For 25 years, Topicrem has been committed in Research and Development to develop the most adapted products. Developed in collaboration with dermatologists, the products are 100% made in France and produced according to French pharmaceutical standards.

Whether you have a dry and sensitive, or very dry and very sensitive skin… or even an atopic and irritated one, Topicrem has developed skincare products suited for each needs.

  1. Ultra-Moisturising Body Milk for sensitive and dry skin

On top of being the No1 in France pharmacies*, this Ultra-Moisturising Body has a lovely story. It all began with the love of a father– president of a pharmaceutical laboratory – for his son. With his team of pharmacists, he has designed a formula that would soothe his son’s itching and redness without leaving his skin greasy and sticky. As a result: a fluid, non-greasy texture – with a powerful hydrating ability – which is instantly absorbed.

  1. The DA emollient balm and the DA emollient oil for sensitive, very dry and atopic skin

The whole family – from newborns, babies and children to adults – can take advantage of these products to pamper their skin. Specially formulated for atopic skin or those suffering from eczema, it shall nourish and moisturise the skin for 24 hours. It also has an anti-scratch action for improved sleep as well! Furthermore, it is quickly absorbed and is very easy to apply. The DA range provides hydration for 24 hours.

  1. UR-10 Smoothing Cream Anti-Roughness for very dry and rough skin

Bid farewell to flaky skin! Thanks to UR-10 Smoothing Cream Anti-Roughness, enjoy a cleansed skin, and a very comfortable body and scalp. Children and adults will be fond of this cream that gently exfoliates the skin, soothes and nourishes it, for a smooth, supple result. A real pleasure during application with a delicate floral scent.

Available in more than 100 pharmacies across the island.

* IMS Sell-out October 2018

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