You love your beautiful wooden furniture. But it’s not always easy to find the right means of maintaining its initial sheen and long life. Here are a few tips that would for sure make grandma smile!

The nicety of tea!

Tea is not only meant to be sipped in the drawing-room! In its most natural state – no sugar, no milk – it is almost a panacea for making your wooden furniture shine. Simply rub them with a cloth soaked in cold tea. Then dry with a clean cloth.

Vinegar: sour the scour!

No! It’s not about salad dressings! White vinegar is very instrumental in getting rid of the grime that makes your wooden furniture look so dull. This sour liquid comes in handy for removing both light and stubborn stains. When applied to a varnished surface, it instantly gives the wood its natural gleam.

Not just cosmetics!

Wax serves both to protect the wood and to make it glow. However, you should not overdo it as this can leave an unpleasant smell and a grimy coat on your furniture. To remove the excess wax, apply talc powder and presto, your furniture will get back its initial splendour!

Bleach your way to glory!

The versatility of bleach never ceases to amaze. This product is also suitable for reviving your furniture. Simply pour an equal amount of water and bleach on the surface to be cleaned and rub your way to glory! A word of caution though! Avoid using on stained or varnished surfaces.

Oh! Oil!

Linseed oil is great in bringing out the natural colour of wood and enhancing its glossy appearance. Mix it with alcohol and apply directly to your furniture and you’re done!