Summer and mosquitoes are back! Instead of using highly polluting sprays or anti-mosquitoes electric diffusers, here are some truly effective natural solutions. The most effective solution remains the mosquito net over the bed. Your doors and windows may as well be equipped with mosquito nets.

Another option: Lemon eucalyptus, known for its anti-mosquito repellency and anti-inflammatory properties. For it to be efficient, spray 15 drops with your diffuser or dampen a cloth. You may as well add some to your shower gel or your body cream when you are travelling. Incense or essential oils are also effective.

Finally, a grandma’s recipe: You will need 20cl of water, 50g of brown sugar and 1g of baker’s yeast. Mix sugar and water, and warm up the mixture. Let it cool down before pouring into a plastic bottle, cut into halves. Sprinkle the yeast without mixing it in one half. Then cover the mixture with the other half (bottle’s neck). Wrap the whole container with black paper and place the trap in a room: the mosquitoes will be attracted to the gas produced by the fermentation of sugar and will get trapped into the bottle.