It may help to spare precious water from the reservoirs, save up on your water bill or simply for environmental purposes. Whatever the goal, it is, nowadays, crucial to monitor your water usage. It is thus possible, and more so important, to limit your water consumption at home… Here are our recommendations!

Water your plants in the morning

Watering your plants right at the roots early in the morning helps minimise the evaporation of water. Your plants will therefore be less dehydrated, allowing you to water them less frequently. You can also add straw around your plants to help the soil stay humid!

Fix any leaks!

A tap that leaks and drips in your house could potentially cause you to lose around four liters of water per hour… Checking for leaks is very simple: record the daily consumption on your water meter before going to bed (after having used any water-consuming domestic appliance, and given you don’t use any more water at night), and compare it with a morning reading.

Reuse water

Do not throw away the water from your boiled eggs! It is nutritious and will help fertilise your plants. The nutrients this water contains allegedly come from eggshells which you can also use for the same purpose.

Make the most of rain water

Collecting rainwater is an excellent way to economise. This water can be used for various purposes such as washing your car and floors, or even to water your plants. 

Under the shower

Taking a shower uses up less water than taking a bath… But don’t stop there! You can also choose to take shorter showers, which has the double benefit of helping you save on water and energy consumption.

Close the tap!

Avoid letting the water run. These seconds or minutes during which the tap stays open while you’re lathering up or brushing your teeth are all the more precious rupees you can easily save on your next bill!