It will become your best friend, and not just for physical exercise. Using the space in and around your staircase will bring your decor and storage capacity to the next level.

What if we told you that its complicated looks are its strongest asset? Stairs, thanks to their structure, levels and lines are a base which only needs to be exploited fully. Whether you use the steps themselves, or the space under the structure, in an evident or rather subdued manner, here’s how to obtain an optimal tidying up space.

As fashionable as ever, after our advice to organise your interior, here are 9 practical and trendy organisation ideas which will make the most of your stairs:

1. The integrated closet

To house raincoats and other trench coats neatly, as soon as you get home.

2. The chic and organised shelves

To keep books and trifles displayed neatly and with great style.

3. The bar/cocktail corner

Almost a shed for your liquor and a comfy nest to have drink and lift up the spirits.

4. The cellar of your dreams

Modern, aerated, neatly arranged, with regulated temperature: to seduce wine lovers.

5. The designer staircase

If shelves are not enough, just go all out on the staircase.

6. The steps draw your attention

Why limit yourself to the surroundings when you can also make the most of your steps?

7. The trend of semi-camouflage

The perfect middle-ground between a concealed space and another one which attracts attention. In 2018, one should proudly stand for one’s decorative choices.

8. The desk-shelf

Or the art of ambivalent spaces which combine work surface and room for storage.

9. The gliding closets

To easily accommodate shoes, umbrellas, coats and luggage, in a noiseless roll!’s selection of favourites which will slide right into your decor for better organisation :