Natural light is the best way to enhance the mood inside your home. This rule holds true for the kitchen as well, a living space often stifled by artificial light. Since this room usually accommodates family and friends for chatting and cooking tasty meals, the kitchen deserves to be warm and luminous…

How to enjoy more daylight in your kitchen? brings you the top four tips.

Effective planning

Set the room in such a way that light spreads across your kitchen without any obstruction. Pay attention to the orientation of the light to avoid exposure to the sun… Particularly if your worktop is beneath the window or if the window is behind you and projects your own shadow into your field of vision.

Colours and textures

Often neglected, yet so important to keep your kitchen illuminated. Light colours, for instance, can reflect more light, while dark colours absorb it. Similarly to white, the most common wall colour, lacquered surfaces, such as marble, reflect light and give the room a larger appearance. Remember that the wall facing the opening affects the light the least.

Crystal clear

For a welcoming kitchen, it is worth exploring the use of transparent materials such as glass, whether it is a wall-mounted display cabinet or even a transparent door. Furthermore, cupboards with a glass surface will reflect the incoming light, for a brighter and more spacious effect in your kitchen.

Open kitchen

To enhance natural light in your kitchen, blow out a wall! By connecting your kitchen to another room, you will benefit from the light of the adjacent room. This does of course require some renovation and a lot of thought… If the layout of your rooms is suitable, consider opening it up to the living room or the dining room, offering more space and light.