It is important to store your clothes in a wardrobe. Indeed, clothes that are not neatly folded might worn out quickly. If they are your favourite clothes and you wish to wear them for a long time, keep them away from humidity and the sun, in an adequate wardrobe. You will save time every morning by avoiding to dig in to find clothes. You can easily find what you could wear during the day. You will gain more space by storing your clothes intelligently, which will declutter your wardrobe or your bedroom. How to proceed to store them tidily? Find out our 3 tips to store your clothes in a wardrobe.

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Sorting your clothes out
Sort your clothes out before storing them. Make several piles: clothes that you wear only during summer on one side and those that you wear during winter on another side. Store in your wardrobe, only the clothes that you will wear for the season. The others can be placed in a suit until they must be taken out again. Also think of recycling your clothes. A shirt that you do not wear anymore but is still in good condition might please somebody else. Make a pile of clothes to give to your friends, your families or an association. For the clothes that are too worn out, stained or full of holes, throw them away. Once this sorting out is done, storing will be easier.

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Classify your clothes
Every type of clothes has its own store. Decide what you would like to put on a clothes hanger, fold on a shelf or put in a box. For example, your coats, dresses or shirts must be hanged so that they do not crease. Carefully choose your clothes hangers: favour those made of wood (or plastic) rather than metal ones that can leave a mark on your clothes. Fold your clothes and pile them on the first shelf. On a second one, put your jeans, pants and shorts. Make sure that your raw denim jeans do not stain your white cotton short. Then, store your small objects like the underwear, jewelry or scarves in boxes or drawers.

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Do not clutter up the space!
Do not stack your t-shirts or pants up to 1 metre. Make small piles so that you are able to easily grab the t-shirt that is found underneath. Space your clothes hangers so that your clothes do not crease with one another. If you have many accessories, use small boxes for each types of accessories so that they do not entangle.

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What type of wardrobe to choose?

A practical wardrobe
If you wish to use your wardrobe immediately, choose a ready-made furniture that is easy to install. This economical solution is very practical and ideal for those who do not wish to carry out supplemental works. Small tips: check the dimension of the furniture and measure your walls to make sure of choosing the ideal wardrobe for your bedroom.

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A tailor-made wardrobe
Who never dreamed of a tailor-made wardrobe at home? If you wish to furnish an entire room or only a wall section, hire a specialised company or a carpenter that will come at your place to make the measurement and create a plan of your project.

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A personalised wardrobe
You love handiwork and creating your own furniture? Go ahead and make your own wardrobe! Find below some wardrobe creation ideas that are easy to make. Click on the link to find out how to make them.

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