Your bathroom is too small, shared with the whole of the family or is full of products everywhere? It is a real mess! Lacase has some 100% DIY tips to make space. We promise that all your accessories will be well stored, and always near you!

Make space in the drawers… 

Our favourite tips will please those who do not know where to store their hair accessories anymore. It is very simple: stick a magnetic strip on the wall of a drawer or inside, as shown in the image below.

This will allow you to keep all your accessories without losing space in a drawer!

A simple PVC tube can be turned into a hair dryer stand that can be fixed to the wall or to the sink.

Original, isn’t it?

Create new types of storage!
Another storage idea: here is a tutorial to make jars to be fixed to your wall. Lovely and practical, this new type of storage is ideal for a familial bathroom: everyone has its own jar! Visit the nearest hardware store to obtain hose clamps that suits your jars.

Here is the making in pictures :

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Another simple idea that will please the DIY lovers: simply fix the jar lids under an existing shelf by drilling a small hole at the centre of the lid that will be then screwed to your shelf. Unscrew the jar to recover the products inside it. Ingenious, isn’t it?

Have you ever thought of creating shelves in the doors of your cupboards? Stick for example plastic glasses, to store your bulky products: a simple and practical idea!

For the storage of services and other bathroom accessories, take wicker baskets and turned them into mural shelves. You can use coat hanger hooks to hang the baskets as shown in the picture below. You can also stitch tapes to hang the baskets to towel hangers.

Our last tips, for those who are in a hurry… or for the distracted ones! If you waste time looking for your accessories in the morning, it will be better to label your storage box to find yourself easily. Very effective!

It is your turn now to use these simple ideas, very practical for a tidy bathroom!

Our decorative ideas

Storage basket proposed by Mr Bricolage
Hair dryer ProSalon BOSCH at Urban Home
Metal paper toilet holder at Macumba
Bathroom cabinet Happy D.2 proposed by SUPERTECH EQUIPMENT
Retractable clothesline at FRALAIN LTD (HUAYI TAPWARE)
Bathroom shelf at Batimex