“A place for everything and everything in its place »
The way that we arrange our things at home has a big influence on the style and the functioning of our interior. We often use the storage afterward when they should have been integrated with the interior layout plan itself. With time, objects get stacked and it becomes almost impossible to find our way.

Organising your storage areas requires two steps. Firstly, you will need to design practical storage systems, accessible and suitable to each type of objects. Secondly, you need to make choices and get rid of all useless items. The organisation of your objects determines the general appearance of your interior. There are three types of storage: integrated storage, independent and open. Most of the storage has a mixture of the three, more or less distributed according to the available space and one’s taste.


Shelves are an economic and polyvalent way to reduce accumulations. They are suitable for many objects like books, CD, clothes, games, dishes and glasses.


Wardrobes are mostly used to store clothes. Very useful to hang your coats, costumes, dresses, shirts, skirts and pants, wardrobes can be equipped with shelves or drawers at the bottom for storing stacks of clothes and socks.

Rails and stands 

Stands, rails, hanger and coat hooks are ideal tools to store accessories like keys, kitchen utensils, belts, ties, tools and bikes. Furniture stores also offer hanging systems that suits on walls for you to use your free spaces.

Storing elements 

Storing elements are an intermediate solution between integrated storages and traditional furniture. Mobile, they form part of a modular system that enables them to be shaped in different way and increase your storing capacity according to your new needs. They can take the shape of simple cubes to form a tower or a storage wall. Their mobility is very beneficial if you plan to move in the near future.

Integrated storage 

Integrated storage suits kitchen and bathroom elements of standardised and tailor-made model. Even if a part of the floor space is sacrificed, integrated storage is the best solution for small spaces like kitchen and bathroom which have integrated fixed plumbing.

Mobilier de rangement 

Cabinet, libraries or chests, storage furniture are available in numerous forms and style from antiquity to contemporary. Furniture like chests or drawers are versatile to store all kind of things. If you plan to move in the future, you will be able to carry them with you along with your things inside.    .


From cardboard box to glass jar, containers are essential in the arrangement of the house. They protect and separate items. Specific regrouping of objects into categories is a basic principal of storage. Using containers is a quick and economical way to tidy up the house.

Using empty spaces

When all rooms are full, the space seems to be overloaded. Yet, most of the allocations hide unoccupied corners that can be converted into storage areas to reduced accumulations. You can try to convert your attic or underground. Beside from moving around, stairs, entrances and levels can also be used as storage areas.

Written By
Dany Gowsee