Ready, get set… decorate! In this DIY era, you are offered two options in the rise of brighter days: you may choose slow decoration and devote yourself to happy hours of DIY or you may trust a professional who proposes a range of rapid and already available solutions. In both cases, the pleasure of decorating  will be there! Hence, Mr. Bricolage offers you the opportunity to choose both. Slow decoration and DIY. When acquiring new decorative items and garden accessories, unleash your imagination and let them blend together. Here is a chance to become an interior designer this summer!

Your living room will reflect summer happiness with colourful cushions and rainbow-coloured leaf motifs. The variety of decorative objects available will bring summer light to your place. A turquoise, red or blue vase, colourful storage ottomans, or glass jars with stoppers will brighten your living room.  Your wall will welcome photo frames, sold by sets of three in order to display more pictures of your close ones as well as happy memories. Curtains will also bring out the beauty of the room with the colour of your choice: sand, chocolate, anise, grey, green, orange, and turquoise. But Mr. Bricolage also offers you to let the light into your living room with the lining curtain Laila. And if, instead, you prefer to keep your privacy, opaque curtains from bright to darker colours will help you achieve this.

Mr Bricolage Coussin uni

Your bathroom will also undergo decoration works with, for example, dark grey PVC panels or new furniture with combined washbasins and mirrors. You will have the choice between a modern line bathroom piece of furniture, signed Isna, in grey, and more classic furniture in white, signed Bora. Plastic shelves and storage items will find their place in your bathroom to welcome linens and beauty products which are always piling up.

As for the garden, it will be pampered with new innovations from Mr. Bricolage: flower vases and summer plants; umbrellas to enjoy a Sunday brunch in the shade; water fountains for a relaxed afternoon with the sound of running water or panels which provide privacy to family and friends gatherings if your house is close to your neighbour’s.

The motto of Mr. Bricolage is launched: Decorate on your own but not alone! It is a real boost to transform and adorn your indoors and outdoors. The wide range of products, from which you can choose from its catalogue or shop, will inspire you and stimulate your creativity in decoration. Mr. Bricolage is by your side to bring life to your projects and bring charm to your home and your garden.