Mauvilac innovates once more with a new concept: the self-service corner. Indeed, the Self-Service Corner is operational in Pailles since August : the first of its kind in the Mauritian paint industry.

The Self-Service Corner was created with the aim of simplifying the life of consumers. Mauvilac particularly targets handymen and those who already know which products they are going to buy. No waiting time to purchase only one or two buckets of paint, a brush or a roller as the concept is “pick-and-go”.  All you have to do is choose your products, grab them, pay and you are done ! It is as quick as in a supermarket!

Various types of products and accessories are available in different containers varying from 1L to 10L. “The choice of the products and accessories displayed have been carefully thought of so as to ease the task of our clients », explains Ganessen Murday, the Concept Store Manager of Mauvilac. He also highlights that the store offers around 15 “best-seller” colours in Mauvacryl. You have trouble choosing between 2 colours?  Don’t panick! 250 ml containers filled with Cashmere paints from the Colour Vogue range are at your disposal to play with the colours before making your final choice.

In the Self-Service Corner of Mauvilac, white colours are available in various finish : matte, satin, smooth, glossy, semi-gloss, water based, oil based. You will also find a selection of varnish for wood as well as products used for surface preparation like solvents, coatings, amidst others. Floor paintings are also available.

Mauvilac has of course not forgotten the DIY lovers ! Different types of brushes like angle brushes, normal brushes, rollers and knives as well as other useful accessories are also available!

You got it : The Mauvilac Self-Service Corner is here to make your life easier and better. A visit is a must! wishes you a pleasant shopping!