Storage box

Practical and multi-functional for storing underwear and socks. Strong and easy to sew!

Dimensions: 16 x 26 cm, height 16 cm

Fabrics and materials
● 0,6 m of cotton fabric in 110 cm wide
Swafing) ● Vilene (according to the thickness of the fabric) ● 0,6 m of hook and loop tapes of 2 cm wide ● cardboard of about 1-2 mm of thickness    

Edge strips:
at least 100 x 5 cm (surplus included).
Cardboard: 2 elements of 25 x 15,5 cm, 2 height elements of 15,5 x 15 cm and a bottom of 15,5 x 25,5 cm.

1. According to the thickness of the fabric, stick on (iron) the hook and loop tape on the fabric to avoid the
to show through. Always stick on the corners of the bottom with hook and loop tape.
2. Sew the ribbon hook and loop tapes on the narrow
part of the reverse side of the fabric. Place the box,
on the right area, and stitch all the interior overlapped
corners, all the upper edge remains open. Notch the
corners till the last stitch.
Turn the fabric.
3. Surround two small and large upper edges
with strip tapes. Sew the hook and loop tape on the under flap
of the long sides. Slide the cardboard in the last open side.
Prick the bottom of the cardboard. Circle the
last side. Fold the box.

Coloured shelves

A shelf with no nail or screw. Hang it on a bar with the help of hook and loop tapes.

Dimensions: 70 x 21 cm, depth 36 cm

Fabric and materials
● 1,5 m of cotton fabric flower prints of 110 cm wide (Swafing)
● 0,7 m of  beige cotton fabric of 110 cm wide (Swafing)
● 0,9 m of stripes cotton fabric of 110 cm wide (Swafing)
● 0,2 m of hook and loop tape 4 cm wide
● 4 cardboards of 34,5 x 20 cm

2 x elements of 140 x 36 cm; 3 x bottom of 70 x 21 cm; lower buttom of 35 x 21 cm; 1 hanging element of 80 x 40 cm (finished width of 20 cm).

1. Place the lateral elements, on the right place, and close all around, leave an opening for turning. Turn, iron and stitch the sides.
Mark the centre of the long sides.
2. Fold all the surplus of the bottom inside, then stitch firmly on three sides on the centre of the lateral elements, leave the back open to slide the cardboard. Fold the bottoms, on the right place, and connect on the long side.
Turn and fold in/iron the back surplus, then stitch them. Sew with the same manner the other bottoms in regular gaps.
3. Connect the hanging element like the lateral elements and let an opening for turning. Sew a hook and loop tape on the interior edge, then the hanger on the other edge.
Place the suspension ribbon around the upper bottom and close with the hook and loop tape. This shelf can also be removed with no difficulty from the clothes triangle. Slide the cardboard from the back, they could be removed to wash the shelf.

protective cover

Created for seasonal clothes, this cover protects from dust and light. Decorations are to be created according to your own taste.

Dimensions: height 45/88 cm, width 48 cm.

Fabric and materials
● 0,4 m of cotton fabric with flower prints of 110 cm wide (Swafing)
● 0,2 m of stripped cotton fabric of 110 cm wide (Swafing)
● 0,2 m of pink stripped fabric
● 2,5/4 m of checked shabrack ribbon for the piping and piping thread (Welti)
● 1,1 m topiary ribbon

2 x upper cover in the fold (extend de 43 cm for the long cover)
2 x element of the bottom of the cover of 13 x 48 cm
Around 130 x 4 cm depth.

1. Sew after one another the upper and lower element, fold the surplus.
2. Slide the cord in the stitch. Sew the piping on the cover. Cut the bottom in two elements and hem a short piece on each side. Sew the short side of the hem on one side of the cover of about 1, 5 cm on the upper centre.
Sew the second side of the cover with the same manner on the bottom.
3. Fold/iron the hem; sew along with the topiary ribbon.

Source: Magazine Lacase No 35