Avoid overheating your room. A temperature of 18 to 19° is fine and you will sleep much better.

  • Washyour clothes, covers, pillowcase very often and at 60° at least.
  • Carefully apply the vacuum cleaner or vapor on your clothes, mattress to suck the acarian.
  • When the vacuum is done, leave your windows open for 10 or 15 minutes to let the air in.
  • Avoid carpets in your rooms.
  • Ensure you to use anti-acarian pillows or mattress.
  • Certain essential oils can eliminate acarian and bacteria.

Some anti-acarian plants: Eucalyptusradiata, globulous Eucalyptus, tea tree, Palmarosa, mint of the fields, lemon, lavender.

Prepare an antiacarian lotion spray.
Here is the receipt for an anti-acarian spray: 2 lemon juice, 2 tea spoons of Eucalyptus, essential oil, mint of the fields or lavender.
In 1.5 litre of water. Spray this mixture and let it dry.