Rugs dress a room to make it more welcoming and they need a minimum of maintenance. For them to remain aesthetic and hygienic, follow our advice!

Avoid dust

To avoid dust, germs and mites, regularly vacuum your rugs. Once in a month, turn your rugs upside down and vacuum the other side which is on the floor. This will remove dust stuck in the fibres.

Immediately clean as soon as a stain appears

It will be more difficult to clean a stain if you let it dry and get it the fibre. Use a clean cotton cloth to sponge what has been dropped then sprinkle the area with baking soda and let it act for some minutes before vacuuming it. If you do not have any baking soda, use dish-washing liquid mixed with sparkling water. Be careful not to rub by forming circles, this will damage the fibres.

Beware of stain removers

If you have a stain remover for carpets of rugs, always try it on a non-visible area before spreading it everywhere. Carefully read the instructions before using the stain remover as some products can damage the fibres. For resisting stains that need an ammoniac treatment or precious rugs, better seek a professional.

Avoid halos

If your rugs are not clean enough, better wash them entirely in order not to create demarcation lines. Then, let them dry as quickly as possible with a fan to help the water evaporate. Avoid hanging your rugs in the sun to prevent the colours from fading away.

Protect your most exposed rugs

If your rugs are located in pathways like an entrance or a corridor, protect them with mats or a transparent plastic protection.

Some Granny’s tips:

To make your rugs and carpets shine and brighten the colours, use white vinegar or a potato peelings infusion. Slowly rub with a clean sponge then let it dry.
To remove stains, you can also apply shaving foam which you will leave overnight to vaccum the next morning.