Both practical and decorative, your wooden furniture defines the style of your interior. As they slowly age, they respond to the conditions around them. For instance, your wooden side table can easily absorb moisture.…

To maintain their appeal, and to ensure that they last, they require appropriate care. Here is our best advice…

Best practices

To give them a new shine (or help maintain it at least), it is advisable to regularly dust your wooden furniture with suitable products… While respecting the direction of the grain of the wood when cleaning! Moreover, the cleaning products should preferably be applied on the cloth rather than on the furniture.

Your furniture, whether waxed, varnished, matt or lacquered, will require special attention depending on the finish. Waxed wood, for example, requires much less maintenance because it is protected by wax. On the other hand, it gets dirty more easily. For lacquered wood, which is fragile and easily scratched, use mild cleaners, a microfibre cloth or a non-abrasive sponge. Do not insist too strongly on the wood when cleaning.

If in doubt, ask your furniture shop for advice.

What to avoid

While there are many good maintenance habits to adopt at all costs, there are some things that should be excluded by any means. Among them :

Water and certain liquids: Ultra-absorbent, do not apply too much water on your wooden furniture! Use coasters on your coffee tables to avoid splashes… and if there happens to be one, wipe it off quickly! Use a blotter instead of a paper towel. Beware of alcohol, acetone, or oil, which can damage the finish.

Overexposure to heat and sunlight: Avoid placing your furniture too close to a heat source, or placing hot objects on it, as this could damage the finish of your furniture! While the sun may discolour.