Open plan kitchens are currently the new trend. Many of you are ready to make the change but are they suitable for you? Let’s find out all the pros and cons of this new kitchen layout.  

Open kitchen, what does it mean?
When we speak of an open plan kitchen, we visualize a cooking space with its kitchen counter, sink, furniture and appliances… without the usual partitions. It is a defined open space where we spend most of our time.

Pros of an open plan kitchen
First, an open plan kitchen is often a guarantee for more brightness. Indeed, the absence of partition walls allows light to be diffused widely. You will also gain in depth and you will be under the impression of being in a wider room.

Another pro is that it will be easier to have people at home and prepare dinner while entertaining your guests. Over are the “What did I miss?” or “Go on without me: I need to check on the chicken”. With an open plan kitchen, you are able to fuss around your kitchen while having a conversation with your guests.

Furthermore, a beautiful kitchen deserves exposure. If you put your heart into designing your modern kitchen to your taste, it would be unfortunate to hide it. A beautiful kitchen island, shining induction hobs, a new oven… are as many elements of decoration that you can display in your living room.

Cons of an open plan kitchen
However, an open plan kitchen may have some disadvantages. Indeed, we can no longer leave out the mess and the dishes that we usually keep for a few hours or sometimes for days. In open sight to everyone, your sink will need to be spotless under any circumstance.

Additionally, if you often prepare fried meals which can have a strong smell, remember that it will no longer remain trapped in your kitchen but will stink your residence. You might then consider to invest in a cooker hood as a solution.

Finally, if the kitchen is your small private space where you like to withdraw yourself to prepare your best recipes, you will therefore prefer a closed kitchen to escape distraction and be creative.

Hence, whichever it might be, before moving forward with the construction of your open plan kitchen, weigh out the pros and the cons and pick your side!