Going back to school after holidays may prove to be a real nightmare for your children … and for you! Don’t worry, LaCase will help you getting ready for this day and we will share some tips to  transform this stressful experience into a joyride… Here are some of our useful tips!

After a few merry holiday weeks, where the schedule was less tight, the first school day can also become a pleasant moment, thanks to your child’s room makeover… He/she will wake up in a new environment. No need to change everything to achieve this smooth transition from holiday times to schooldays. Some golden rules can be applied with our kind consideration.

First of all, choosing a theme together with your child for his room can lead to sweet moments while you will share his changing trends and new points of interest. The chosen theme can cover an array of colours and shades, fiction characters (from cartoons, books and movies) or even collector’s items (such as animals and figurines). The bed linen, matching the curtains and cushions will really transform the children’s room and provide the soothing feeling of novelty before the first school day.

LEONIE Bed sheet - Carre Blanc
Ready Made Curtains Collection - Deco Design Home
DISNEY cushion - Play…it
Cot bumper ZELIE - Carre Blanc

Adding more adequate storage units can bring an atmosphere of freshness in the kid’s bedroom: old school books and toys can be stored to acquire more space. A wide range of storage accessories are available: coloured boxes, plastic caskets, chest of drawers and drawers that can be placed under the bed give a new balance to the bedroom. Extra shelves or drawers in the cupboards to place clothes or small items, such as socks and sports accessories, will ease up your life during rush hours in the morning. On top of this, thinking over this room’s makeover with your child will give him the feeling that he/she is actively participating in the new project before going back to school.

Princesses Shelf 6 Locker - Play…it
House Wall Shelf - SSS Furniture
Shelf - Mr Bricolage
Kids Storage Case - Espace Maison
Foldable storage case - Urban Home

Separating the leisure and working zones can be done with many available possibilities. A coloured net curtain, a more conveniently-positioned bookshelf, a mat or a lamp can provide two distinct zones, especially if it is a small bedroom. Shapes and contrasting colours can also add a new look to a room which your child already knows but which he/she will rediscover with pleasure.

Room Sweet - SSS Furniture
Corner desk - Kaliptus

Painting or transforming a piece of furniture is a way to recycle, instead of changing everything, thus saving, but this activity can also be a good time spent with your child.  Sanding and painting with new colours or transforming the furniture into a new decoration item can be very funny activities during the school holidays. Stickers, collected during the year, can be added and varnished so as to limit haphazardly putting them on the walls.

Wallpaper for children’s bedroom Harlequin - Intercept Interiors + Exteriors
Wall paper KIDS & TEEN - Neel Group
Stickers Princess room - Play…it

Changing one’s environment is as important for children as for teenagers. While the latter would not hesitate to ask for such a makeover, the younger ones sometimes need to be brought into a project that will keep them busy during the holidays. They will get a double satisfaction of starting a new term in a new room… which they have helped to makeover!