Wall coatings are an essential element for the protection of your building against bad weather conditions while offering a suitable finish – hence, the need to hire a professional for your wall coatings and painting works. Find out our selection of painters on the service section of lacase.mu as well as tips to choose a professional.

Choosing your wall coatings

It is important to choose a wall coating that is decorative, practical and easy to maintain. Whether it is for the house, commercial building, hotels or industries, the regional climatic conditions must be analysed before making your choice. In Mauritius, it is wiser to choose waterproof coating. Like thermal insulating paint that reflects sunlight to keep your home or office fresh. Also evaluate the thickness of the establishment, the structure of the exterior walls, the durability of the product and of course your budget before starting.

Coolkote: wall coating Marmoran brand

Coolkote Entreprises Ltée is the certified distributer of wall covering from Marmaron brand in Mauritius. The company is in line with worldwide trends: designed and sophisticated building, following environmental norms. Coolkote also offers a range of trendy textures and colours. The wall coating company is focused on their professionalism and expertise to respond to their client’s needs. Their products are developed to suit most of the materials available on the market as well as the island’s climatic conditions.

Why you need to choose a painter?

Make or remake your painting yourself needs a particular skill and specific equipment that many of us, simple handymen, do not have. For example, there must not be any lines on the wall. By hiring a painter, you are sure to obtain flawless walls and save time by avoiding to get your hands dirty.

Paint services : G De Villiers Paint Contractors LTD

G De Villiers Paint Contractors LTD specializes in painting for hotels, commercial building, industrial projects, IRS developments as well as individuals. The company focuses on their client’s needs to be able to offer the best tailor-made services as quickly as possible. G De Villiers Paint Contractors now proposes a varnish maintenance service for different types of building.

How to maintain your coatings?
Clean your coating with a soft detergent to preserve its durability and waterproofing. For building made of mortarless bricks and stones, fibreboard and treated wood, it is safer to verify the condition of your coatings regularly. For natural wood, apply linseed oil every 5 years to preserve it. Acrylic coatings require a special expertise, so it is better to hire a professional.

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