Cleaning the house is a chore. However, if we wish to avoid bacteria and allergies, it is an essential chore… especially now that it is winter! You are too lazy for a complete cleaning? Good news: by focussing on important rooms of the house and by following our tips, it will be easily done!

Here are our 7 tips for an effective and quick cleaning of the house.

Arrange your entrance – the first room that visitors would walk into – by storing your summer accessories, papers and other documents. Add storing areas if your entrance does not any. Once freed, the entrance of your house would be easier to clean.

Clean the carpets, the curtains and the cover sheets
, as clean furniture cover sheet generate freshness into the house. Wash small carpets and give the big one to professionals. For the curtains, let them dry in the open air for them to recover their whiteness.

Did you know? For the cover sheets to perfectly suit the furniture after being cleaned, put them back on when they are still damp.

Attack the kitchen, principally the kitchen work table. Store the objects that are rarely used. Once you have cleared the surface, proceed to the cleaning. Then, keep only the necessary accessories like the daily kitchen utensils, outside storage areas, to the maximum free space.

Time for the bedroom that must be tidy to give a restful sleep! Store all the objects and clothes that are on the floor and the furniture, store your books and magazines… Bring freshness with flowers or a beautiful green plant!

Dust accumulated on luminaires reduces the light emitted. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the dust away from the lamps, wall lamps, etc. from top to bottom.

After the house comes the terrace. Clean the porch furniture with soapy water and let it dry in sunlight. Clean cushion covers, tap them to remove dust. Repeat the same process with the mat. What about exterior walls? We advise you to use a single garden hose, as an elevated cleaner can damage the walls. This cleaning system will brighten up the colour of your terrace.

Finally, our tip to motivate and keep you in a good mood: a good music to make this cleaning a happy moment! !

And you, what are your cleaning tips? Share them with us.