A jellyfish warning has been issued by the Mauritian authority on some beaches of the island, particularly at Mont Choisy. Feared by people on holidays, jellyfishes are getting closer to our coasts with tides and infest some beaches each year. Jellyfishes’ stings are usually harmless but very painful. Lacase.mu has some advice on what to do and not to do in case of any jellyfish stings.

To do: 

In case of stings, do not panic and try to get out of the water calmly. Try to remove the tentacles fragments still stuck to the affected area. Do not do it bare hands, use tweezers. Then, delicately apply dry sand, talcum, shaving foam or wheat on the wound and carefully rub it with a cardboard or a credit card. Wash the affected area with hot or warm sea water or salted water. Do not use fresh water! Disinfect the wound with an antiseptic. If you feel the following symptoms; strong fever, dizziness or nausea, consult a doctor who will prescribe painkillers or antihistamines.

Not to do:

In order not to cause further infections, do not urinate on the wound. Do not suck, prick, bleed or rub the wound. It must be treated delicately. Know that even when the jellyfish is dead, its tentacles remain nematode. So, do not touch it!

Source www.maxisciences.com
Written By
Dany Gowsee