For linen: To use baking soda as stain-remover before washing, dilute the powder in water and pour in a sprayer. Spray before each washing on grease, red fruits or wine stains, the collars of shirt, etc.
The baking soda also reinforces the effectiveness of your powder detergent.
Use half of the quantity that you usually use and supplement by two spoons of baking soda. Lastly, the baking soda absorbs tough doors of linen, like perspiration or tobacco, for example.

Make objects shine: make your glasses, coppers and silver ware shine by powdering baking soda on a cotton (organic) or microfibre humidified rag. Rub them delicately and rinse and wipe with another rag. To test on your stainless-steel sink or hot plates.

Wash the dishes: baking soda will help you to strip burnt pans or stew pots. Put two or three baking soda teaspoons in the bottom of the dish and add warm water. Let is sit for 20 minutes. Rinse.

Clean the WC: pour one to two teaspoons of baking soda in the bottom of the basin and on the sides. Add white vinegar and let it sit as long as possible