One of the most-used rooms in the house is the kitchen. Over the years, the kitchen gets cluttered, and by freeing and organising your space, you will be able keep a clear and clean kitchen that will inspire you to prepare delightful dishes.
Here are some tips and habits proposed by for a clean and clutter-free kitchen.

1. Set-up a proper organization as from the beginning

It is advised to design 3 separate areas dedicated to their respective activities:

  • Cooking area – it consists of the oven, the stove and the cooking utensils.
  • Kitchenware (dish) area – it consists of the dishwasher (if any), the kitchen sink and the most-used kitchenware everyday.
  • Storage area – it consists of the fridge and the food pantry where you keep sweet and salty products.

2. Limit your food storage

We tend to do buy all of our groceries at once. However, by the end of the month, almost half of our groceries are perishing. The best timing for perishable food is to buy them only when we are going to use them or for the following week. You will waste less food and keep fruit flies away.

3. Use glass jars

One thing that every kitchen needs is a set of glass jars. Perfect for storing spices and dry ingredients, they will preserve and protect your food from insects. They are also great for decoration, with a variety of products and colours, and will keep your ingredients at hand while cooking.

4.  Adopt new cleaning habits daily

To keep a clean and clear kitchen, it is very helpful to clean and tidy up right away. Avoid taking out all of your ingredients or utensils at once and only tidy up after cooking. Take out your ingredients as you need them and place them back once used. It will leave your space clear and clean. For example: throw away eggshells or peeled vegetables skins right away and wash your used utensils or kitchenware as soon as you are done using them.

5. Clean your cutting boards

Over time, your cutting boards can harbour bacteria if not cleaned properly. To freshen your cutting board: rub salt using a lemon (cut in half) over your cutting board. The process will remove food particles stuck on the board.

Follow these tips and adopt these new habits! They will change the way you live and will motivate you to cook.