With the end-of-year festivities that are coming, along with the traditional cleaning, do not panic, everything is a matter of organization.

For a chrome nickel house before the festivities, follow our advice:

Before you start, here are some tips to make your life easier:

  • Tidy-up must be done when the weather is mild enough to allow you to open all windows.
  • List all the things to do and estimate the time required to complete them.
  • Determine priorities.
  • Distribute tasks according to the abilities of your family members.
  • Make an inventory of cleaning products for the home and buy the missing products.

Now, clean up:

Take care of the dust

As we are now in summer, ventilate the house as much as possible. Open all windows to let the air circulate and getting rid of the pollutants in your house. Then, clean up!

Stalk the dust, especially in the most remote corners of the house. With a telescopic duster, clean the ceiling and chandeliers. For your trinkets, use a microfibre cloth that absorbs dirt. Clean the windows as they are all opened.

Clean the floor

Note that cleaning depends particularly on the type of floor.

  • Tiling: a black soap wash to make the floor shine again.
  • Carpet: Vacuum. However, the vacuum cleaner does not remove all dust. Once a year, clean the carpet with shampoo. As a result, the maintenance of the carpet becomes less tedious.
  • For parquet flooring: polish before making it shine with a lacquer.

Wash the walls

Tip: Before cleaning the walls, protect your floor with plastic to avoid slipping.

To clean the wall, use water and soap, but be careful, the paint on your walls must be washable! Different types of washable paints are available at Mauvilac and Sofap – Permoglaze. These paints offer a washable, decorative and protective finish on the interior surfaces. It is very practical if your children like to draw on the walls!

To clean exterior walls and floors, products like the Kärcher brand will make your life easier. They are also practical for cleaning the garden.

Your house is already fresh! Roll up your sleeves for the last cleaning:

  • Sort out family affairs. Discard worn or broken items. Resell or donate clothing and furniture that you no longer want.
  • Clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Paint the furniture.
  • Wash your curtains.
  • Clean household appliances. Refer to the manual of instruction for the cleaning that may be different for each device.
  • Disinfect trash cans.

Here, your house is shining! It is ready to welcome your guests during the holiday season.