Mold is detrimental to the aesthetic of your house. To fight mold, choose the right products available on the market. Every day, many liters of water turn into steam in our home when we wash something, when we cook and when we take a shower. Vapor condenses on the walls. Moisture problems can be seen through constantly fogged windows, water stains, wallpaper that are peeling off and a musty smell.

It is now possible to solve those problems by decorating your house. We find on the market anti-mold paint. They contain anti-moisture and anti-fungicidal and can be used on every base, both outside and inside.

In the Polytol range, Antifungus is particularly effective. This product can be both used inside and outside. It is a good quality acrylic emulsion resistant to high atmospheric aggressions. This paint has excellent resistance to fungicides attacks. Its application is easy and it dries quickly. It also provides good opaqueness and prevents objects from becoming yellow. Antifungus is available in white and in many other colors with the Polymatch system. Prices include VAT and vary between Rs 800 and Rs 4,400.

There is also Polyflon for internal and external use. It is a semi-glossy paint having a hydrophobic property of emulsion acrylic. It is designed for humid and rainy regions. Resistant to mold and algae spread, it is washable and very resistance to cleaning products, says Tariq Sohawon, Managing Director of Polytol Paints. Polyflon is available in white and many colors with the Polymatch system. Prices includes VAT and vary between Rs 950 and Rs 5,000.

At Mauvilac, to fight mold, we propose the Proflon and Antifungus range. Proflon is an acrylic paint with unique characteristics. It offers a good and quick resistance against mold. It is effective in rainy and humid areas. It a self-cleaning paint and effective even in dry and dusty areas. Washable and anti-stain, it is ideal to be used in the kitchen against grease and in the bathroom against dirt.

Ecological formulas

Mauvilac Antifungus is, in turn, an emulsion based on acrylic copolymers which protects and strengthens the exterior surfaces against mosses, fungi and lichens. This paint provides durability and superior weather resistance in the most rainy and humid regions. Its matte finish, anti-mold is also recommended within the premises with high humidity like the bathroom.

“Both paintings feature the GoGreen label. Antifungus and Proflon are also offering low odor and ease of use, “says Shakila Cassam-Mariette, marketing and communication manager at Mauvilac.

For Permoglaze, it sells that the Anti-Fungusqui is without trail a solution for outdoor solution. This helps to keep paint facades and concrete surfaces without any traces of mold throughout the year. While using to cover the exterior facades, Permoglaze Anti-Fungus is a water-based composition and “green” biocide. This painting is resistant to mold and algae in in high humidity areas.

Conforms to the European Union, the “green” biocide used in Permoglaze AntiFungus composition is inspired by the latest encapsulation technology. This prevents leaching of biocides, doing so positively on the preservation of the environment and health.

Selina Musa, Marketing Managerchez Sofap, also states that “a preparation of the first concrete must be done before the application of the Anti-Fungus Permoglaze. It is important to ensure that the surface is clean, without fungus or algae. It is then necessary to treat the surfaces with Permoglaze Biocidal Wall Wash, a ready to use solution to remove mold, algae and fungi. Permoglaze Anti-Fungus can be then applied to the cleaned surface. To ensure a perfect result, it is recommended to spend two or three layers of the painting depending on the type of surface. “

Source: Magazine LexpressProperty May-June 2014 Edition

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