Connectivity first! We live in a hyperconnected world where even our home has become interactive. It is turning into an automated one and has become Smart. Let’s see how domotics is now part of our lives.

Conventionally, automation relied on remote controls but today, thanks to new technological feats specially designed for homes, and of course smartphones, it is possible to automate tasks (for instance giving instructions that will be set into motion everyday or at a given time) by means of central boards. This can even be done remotely!

The “Machine to Machine” concept, or “Internet of Things” (IoT) is therefore fully functional and its main duty is to enable smarter machines, allowing them to communicate with each other with or without our intervention. In today’s world, we can call or even text our homes.

My Smart Home

  • When it does remote monitoring (alarms, cameras and presence simulation to scare away potential burglars).
  • When it takes care of me and my comfort: pre-scheduled coffee machine for a hot drink at 7 in the morning; opening the roller shutters of the window for a nice sunrise without moving out of bed, or broadcasting my favourite music playlist when I come back home in the evening.
  • When it takes care of some of my daily chores: opening and closing the garage door and main gate, or turning on the lights when entering a room.
  • When it adjusts my energy consumption: managing the air conditioning, cutting of the water supply in case of leakage; shutting off sprinklers in case the weather forecasts rain, and turning to eco-mode when on I am on holidays.

Yes, I have a Smart House and it connects to different devices and appliances to make my life easier! At, we may ask it to manage our daily schedules and our appointments thanks to a Smart box that checks our Google calendar … and reminds us of scavenging day.