1. Free the space on the ground 

It is a technique frequently used by architects and interior designers. Even when there is a lack of space, pretend that there isnone, and this will be fine with suspended furniture that frees the space.
Tip: Do not hesitate to suspend them high enough, it will be more aesthetic and it will facilitate the cleaning! Keep in mind that you must be able to comfortably lean above the basin.

2. Assemble the drains

When there is only a small space to be used, it is essential to avoid losing space. If you start to scatter the water inlets, the evacuations, it will be necessary to carry out formwork which can be bulky. The ideal would be to regroup everything in only one column of food and evacuation.
Tip: Plan this for the construction, you will be able to integrate your piping directly in the walls!

3. Everything is tiny

Divert a wash-stand to replace a basin which is more bulky shelves with, panel shelves rather than of classical racks, CD boxes as storages. If you look properly, there is always a tiny solution. Even in the most cramped space, you will always have all the comfort necessary.
Tip: Do not look for your solution in the bathroom section, go off the beaten tracks and run to the section of kitchen, paper mill, wash-house…These sections are full of small boxes, malignant storages, and other tips to gain space.

4. Install large mirrors

Smallness should not be the same as narrowness! To create an impression of volume, a large mirror on the floor and on the ceiling, will visually double the space.
Tip: In order, not to overload the deco, leave the walls in white, and embellish only one with a single motif. By reflecting in the mirror, it will serve to personalize your room.
You could even imagine a simple central line which would be reflected in the mirror, for amplify the impression of space…

5. Let the natural light be filtered

Even if your bathroom is only a one-eyed room, offer it a special place by modifying one of the partitions to transform it into an artist glass workshop. You will be advantageous on all the plans: space, luminosity, and undeniable charm!

6. Be cordial

Play with the materials by using soft tons that are very soothing for the eyes. Thus, your glance will not stop on one elements here and there, but will be able to browse easily around. The space will appear larger.
Tip: Coordinate all shades of your bathroom. Here, the wooden furniture is in perfect harmony and the walls match with the ground.

7. Atypical decoration

Find new functions for objects which do not have anything to do at first sight in the bathroom. With some imagination, your old sewing machine of your grandmother will become a one of a kind washbasin counter. It is not the lack of space that we will notice but the originality that is coming out of your water area! This diverted side will give a trendy caravan recovery spirit.
Tip: Keep your walls white for sobriety, but let your imagination guide you for textiles and accessories. The more it is coloured, the better it is!

8. Play with the levels

A comfortable bathroom also depends on the its view! Then free the space by burying your bath-tub: if you place it under a window, the sight will be more beautiful. You will increase the volume of your bathroom and integrate the outdoor area visually inside.

9. Use the very luminous

When the lack of space is felt on the ground, play with volumes. How to do it? Place a luminous stretched ceiling that will give the impression that the sky is open on the shower room. Add a shower wall entirely glazed and transparent and an Italian shower, and here you are in a big bathroom. Do not forget that the lighting above your water supply point, showers or bathtub correspond the safety standards.

10. Exploitthe defects

 We might think that a bathroom under the roofs is difficult to arrange, but to settle everything down, it is necessary to think “verticality”. Which function requires all the height? Where can we lean? It is thus easy to schedule the shower where there is much height, basins directly under Velux (we benefit from the height gained on the window) …

Tip: Tilted mirrors under the window can be positioned much lower!

Source: Magazine Lacase No45
By | Marie GOUGES
Photos | Jean-Noël AH KEE and Clifford FRANCISQUE