Although some species of ants are dangerous, others are very useful to the garden; they protect it from other more voracious predators. On the other hand, they are invasive in the house and this can be a problem for the health. During summer, ants are out!

How to hunt ants without using chemicals? Here are some tricks, some of which were used by our grand-mothers. Not only these tricks are very effective in fighting ants in your home, but they also much more economical.

The lemon

To fight effectively ants, you must already find out their path way to enter your house. First, find the path taken by the ant column. Then, squeeze lemon on their path way. Leave the zests and peels on the spot.

If your plants are invaded by ants, spray a mixture of lemon and vinegar over the pots. Lemon is a very useful in the house. Discover its virtues in the article 10 ways of using lemon at home.

The chalk

Do you know that ants are unable to cross a line of chalk? They cannot tolerate the texture of chalk. Draw a line along your windows, your doors and your balcony. It’s simple, inexpensive and does not pollute.


Ants hate the smell of mint or lavender. Do not hesitate to plant mint and lavender in bins that you will place near the doors of your house. It would be even more practical to make a natural lavender-based repellent to spray on the ants’ pathway.

For natural repellent, mix 10 drops of peppermint essential oil with 5 drops of essential oil and ¼ litre of alcohol at 40 °.

Coffee grounds

Place coffee grounds, moist and not dry, on the ants’ pathway. They will take off quickly!

Boiling water

You discovered the ant benchmark? Flood it with boiling water and to prevent these insects from returning, add black soap or salt to the water.

Basic tips to prevent ants from entering the house

Ants are attracted to the house because they are fond of sweet and fatty food. Consequently, it is necessary to:

  • Tightly pack pots containing sugary and fatty foods.
  • Check that there is no food in the house.
  • Clean all your dishes.
  • Get rid of garbage quickly.
  • Fill holes and crevices in the walls to prevent ants from entering.

Discover other natural tips in the article Getting Rid of Ants.

If you have other ecological tricks to fight against ants, share them with our readers!