Your interior is a bit dark but you do not know how to brighten it up without having to carry out major works? This article might be useful to you! Discover our 5 smart ideas to make your room look brighter.

N°1: The lights

Each room in the house requires a different light intensity. The rooms and TV corners will only need a ceiling and a bedside lamp. However, for bathrooms, kitchens and other dining rooms, choose a stronger light. Make use of multiple light spots: ceiling, floor lamp, accent lamp, ceiling mounted LED … Make sure to fix the pendant lights at the centre of important zones in your room like the table, the washbasin or the office for example. A must? Beside of the classical light, create a light spot as well as a bit of shadow by placing some candles. Your room will be warmer and more welcoming.

N°2: The wall, floor and ceiling colours

While darker shades bring character to a room, bright colours like white, off-white or beige bring light to a room. Indeed, the more your rooms contain white pigments, the more it will reflect light. If you wish to have a colourful interior, favour light colours like mouse-grey or warm colours like yellow and orange. Little tip: glossy or satin paints reflect light better than matte paints. Lights are not the only architectural elements to have an influence on the luminosity of your rooms. If your ceiling is shady, painted in a dark colour or made of a wooden panel of beam, paint it in white. It is also essential to carefully choose your floor coverings: favour tiles or glazed flooring that reflect light.

N°3: Use mirrors

Mirrors can be very useful. The bigger they are, the better they reflect light. They are more effective when placed opposite to a natural light source, like a window. If there is none, try it near a lamp. Be careful not to place it too close in order not to dazzled yourself! A mirror can also make a room appear lager with when it reflects light.

N°4: Blinds and curtains

Curtains enable us to conceal our interior and maintain intimacy. However, it also hides a room from the light. During the day, to remain out of sight while enjoying sunlight, dress your windows with blinds and leave it half open. For the bedrooms and the living room, dress your openings with half-opaque veils that filter light and give a soft and warm touch to your room.

N°5: The furniture to adopt

Choose low furniture that make room for the light and that gives and impression of height under the ceiling. It would be better if they are of bright colours, glossy or glazed. These materials reflect light and increase luminosity in your room. If ever your furniture is high, place it near a window for them to appear bright. The mistake that should not be made: do not overload your room to let the light in. The must: choose bright furniture to give a nice design spirit to your house.

With all these tips, there will be no more rooms that will stay dark in your house. Follow our advices and you shall see the difference.