Be it for cleaning your floors or deodorising your interior, your household products are usually loaded with chemicals that can be harmful to your health and to the environment. Indeed, the latter can cause allergies or irritations, but are also responsible for water and air pollution. 

To prevent the proliferation of microbes and bacteria in a natural way, has found some nifty lifehacks from yesteryear… Here are our tips for cleaning your cosy nest while respecting the environment.

White vinegar for your toilets

Effective against germs and bacteria, white vinegar can disinfect many surfaces, except wood and stone. Mixed with a little hot water, vinegar can also be used in your toilets to maintain, disinfect and deodorise them.

Baking soda against limescale

It unclogs, whitens, cleans and softens… Baking soda can be used on its own—sprayed over your tiles, sinks or bathtubs—or mixed with dishwash soap and water to make an effective anti-limescale cream!

Lemon juice in your microwave

Having antibacterial and antiseptic properties, lemon juice disinfects while leaving a fresh scent. To clean your microwave safely, heat some lemon juice and water in it for two minutes. The residues will soften and therefore will come off more easily after the process.

Black soap for all your surfaces

Countertops or floors, they can all be disinfected and degreased with the help of black soap. In addition to making surfaces shine (except for glass and windows), it cleans effectively and can even act as an insecticide. You can dilute a tablespoon of it in a bucket of water and use this mixture with a sponge or mop.