A true melting pot! This is how the Chomroo’s house could be described!  Furniture and accessories making up the modern interior design are immersed with various influences from all over Asia, all mixing with one another in perfect balance.

This balance is seen in the harmonious mix and match through the materials, structures and fabrics used.

At the beginning, the Chomroo had no clear picture when it comes to interior design. However, throughout their numerous trips to Bali, India or China, the various pieces of the decor and furniture have blended in an organic fashion. This family of artists was looking for large spaces to express and nurture their creativity.

“I have the chance of travelling regularly. And when I see something interesting, I buy it. At first, the house was almost empty and it was left as such for quite a long time. The interior design has been done gradually, but there is still a lot to do especially upstairs,” explains Asmita Chomroo.

While most of the objects and furniture were purchased abroad, some were bought locally, or were made by local artisans. “A lot of furniture come from Bali, because they have that rustic and artistic side that I really appreciate. Creation is high on the agenda of these craftsmen,“says the owner. A feeling of serenity lulls one as soon as one steps through the front door. The white walls enhances this feeling even more, as well as the palette of neutral and soothing colors, and the pieces of furniture that blends with a minimalist touch throughout the house. An exquisite balance! The wide airy plans are perfect for creating zen interiors that allow free movement through the open space. Here, each object has found its own place and has a story to narrate.

The living room is a real movie set, taking us through a journey around the world. The sofa and the console are from Bali, the carpet and the lamps from Jaipur. On the wall, paintings by Malcolm de Chazal and Daniel Ithier hang majestically. One is naturally seduced by the harmony of colors and objects.

The dizzying height under the ceiling is impressive. A magnificent Chinese chandelier and a modern hanging ceiling light catch the eye up. They might have come from different cultures and countries, but these pieces seem to have been created to naturally blend together.

The living room opens onto the terrace which leads, in turn, to this beautiful rectangular infinity pool with a slate bottom. The outdoor canopy bed is an invitation to relaxation. The water element is not only present at the back of the house, but it also plays a significant role at the entrance as it flows under the glass and wooden bridge. Lord Ganesh stone sculpture sitting at the entrance was made in India and the front door in Bali. As for the terrace, it hosts beautiful cerused furniture, including a table made from an old wooden door. Simply beautiful!

The bedrooms are like an art gallery. The carved wooden panels placed on the wall are the work of Indian artisans from Jaipur. The console is a piece of art shaped by a Mauritian carpenter who is well versed in the crafting of modern and stylish furniture. The Persian carpet on the floor takes us on a trip around the Middle-East, while the pastel colors of the walls and bed linen create a perfect harmony.

Every corner of the house is sublimated into a creative space. Here, one will just love the simple decor with the Balinese console. The vases and paintings are wooing nature. Above them, the staircase combining wood and stainless steel, was made by a Mauritian carpenter, and is beautifully impressive, in its minimalist style.

Source: Magazine Lacase No 54
Documentary– Michel Alphonse
Photos – Jean-Noël Ah Kee