From morning to night, show him or her your passion with kind gestures and adorable attention to detail, even when at work. Don’t forget that the best gifts are not always a matter of cost!

At 6 a.m… a perfume 

Wake your loved one up by teasing his or her senses with a sneak peek of a beautiful gift: his or her favorite perfume. Sweet, floral or musky scents: you need only choose!

At 10 a.m… a quatrain

The morning surprise? What’s better than a poem to express your love for him or her on this oh-so special day! Literature lovers will perhaps even go as far as an alexandrine.

At noon… a drawing

From the lover’s map as in the old times of French literary romanticism to your own sketches or even a portrait commissioned for the occasion, meet up for a quick lunch to share this third surprise of the day.

At 5 p.m… a kiss on the hand

Sirs, nothing equals the old-school seduction. Welcome your loved one after a day of work as a true gentleman with a delicate kiss on the hand. Yes! It is still as effective as it once was.  

At 7 p.m… a crystalline decor

Nothing screams “Valentine’s Day” like a beautifully-laid table with posh dinnerware in a relaxing atmosphere. Regardless of the drinks on the menu, take the crystal glasses out of the cupboard: everything tastes better with them!

At 9 p.m… a tarte tatin

You can also go for Mauritian Napolitains, or any other dessert which you can make all by yourself to conclude this intimate day – and date – rocked by the sound of the song to which you had your first dance.  

At 11 p.m… a naughty moment 

This is the final word, the strawberry dipped in Chantilly, Champagne or chocolate fondue… You know it… It’s Valentine’s day in your satin sheets.

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